OrcaNation is dedicated to providing exceptional scuba diving experiences across Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. We also provide educational programmes, keynote speeches and workshops for schools, universities and corporate businesses, as well as delivering outdoor adventure camps focused on conservation and sustainability.


We believe that when you connect to the world The Orca Way, you can expect a more fulfilling life experience - both above and below the ocean. View our upcoming events, books, OrcaTV and our friends in the spotlight.


While OrcaNation originated as a bespoke scuba diving company, OrcaNation has evolved to become educators with regards to sustainability, ocean conservation and humanifying a better future by opening the eyes, minds and hearts of people across the globe.

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The Orca Way

Scuba Diving with OrcaNation, Asia’s leading PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Centre, provides life-changing PADI certified dive training with Asia's best scuba diving instructors. The Orca Way means we never compromise on health, safety, environment and quality scuba diving standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stop Animal Planet from turning into the History Channel. The world's biodiversity is being decimated and global resources are being destroyed. At OrcaNation, we teach and turn children and their families into ocean conservationists. We believe if every person starts falling in love with the oceans and planet, the oceans and planet will fall in love with humanity.

Ocean Clean Ups
Beach Clean Ups
Student Participation

Jeroen van de Waal

Author of 'Together We Can Turn Tides', a manifesto to save the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves, and Founder of OrcaNation, Jeroen van de Waal, is as a global pioneer, inspiring school children, universities, SME's and multinational businesses to open their eyes, hearts, and minds to the way we treat the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves.

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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Whether you are interested in PADI scuba diving courses, a dive holiday, adventure camp or you simply love the oceans and planet and want to do more, join us at OrcaNation and start making a more positive footprint today!