The perfect scuba mask

The “ Scuba Mask”

Finding the “perfect fit” scuba mask, how to care for it before and after scuba diving and why you should not be scared to remove it when underwater.

You have become a new scuba diver or you are thinking of taking up scuba and wonder what essential equipment you will need to begin with.

All instructors will tell you that THE most important piece of equipment that you can own is a mask.

Why is owning your own  scuba mask so important?

All faces are different, some people`s faces are wide, some narrow, some have flat noses, some stick out, some people`s eyes are closer together or further apart etc.

The main point is, a mask needs to fit your face correctly to create a good seal and stop water from entering.

Why is this so important?

The answer is simple, if the mask fills with water, this defeats the purpose of wearing it.  The reason for wearing it in the first place is to create a pocket of air so your eyes can focus under water and you can see.

Fitting a scuba mask
Some of the steps in fitting a scuba mask

There are few things more frustrating than having to continuously clear a leaking mask on a dive, not only does it distract you from enjoying the dive, but it will also make you consume your air way more quickly.

Most dive centers will have a limited amount of rental mask types to choose from, they will usually have one or two that tend to fit “most” faces.

Unfortunately, if you don’t fall into their category of mask, you might be stuck with a leaky one that can ruin your dive or worse put you off diving altogether!

Another thing to consider is, and all divers know this, scuba diving is a “mucus liberating” activity and it is nice to know that only your own has been floating around in your mask.

So to make sure you always enjoy your dives,come and see us at our scuba store and let us teach you how to find the perfect mask.

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