900 x 600 Ocean Trash

Orca Scuba will be joining their friends at the S.E.A. aquarium again this coming Tuesday to participate in an underwater reef clean up at Singapore’s very own Pulau Hantu.

Apart from the obvious benefits of actually taking litter off the reef, organised reef & beach clean ups are a great way to get the local community involved in marine conservation.

900 x 600 Beach TrashPlastic pollution on the beach clean up

Organisers have the chance to educate people of all ages about the problems facing our oceans from pollution and guide them on how to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

Anyone can conduct these type of events from schools & universities to local community groups, social clubs & businesses. Orca Scuba are willing to help with the arrangement, all you need do is contact our team and let them know what you would like to do.

A surprising number of people are unaware of how serious the problem with pollution is in our oceans, especially the older generation.

900 x 600 Goby LighterA micro goby takes up residence in a discarded cigarette lighter

Fortunately, in many countries, children are becoming more aware of these problems and are rallying their parents and peers to pay attention and take action.

Check out these two inspirational sisters from Bali who are on a mission to rid their beautiful home of plastic bags once and for all. Not an easy task when all of your appeals seem to fall on deaf ears. Their amazing efforts included petitions, beach cleanups and even a hunger strike to convince their local officials to take action. Now that is dedication!

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For underwater reef clean ups, it is necessary to have a scuba certification and some experience diving. However, for beach/land clean ups anyone can get involved.

Orca Scuba specialises in teaching kids how to scuba dive and have a strong commitment to conservation. We run scuba programs here in Singapore and scuba programs and conservation projects at our PADI 5 star IDC center in Pulau Rawa, Malaysia (a 2.5-hour drive & 25-minute boat ride from Singapore) for kids as young as 8 years old.

For information please contact us on [email protected]