Welcome back, everybody! Time to find out what we have been doing over the last two months that is conservation and education related.

Conservation Activities in August

Rope in the form of nets always washes up and entangles itself onto our house reefs. We did another monthly clean-up, removing one of those entangled nets from our beautiful coral reef. This is part of our commitment to the Adopt a Dive Site and Dive Against Debris programmes through Project AWARE.

reef clean up and conservation

adopt a dive site reef clean up and conservation

The team also completed our monthly collection of temperature and light loggers. These are being used as a way to monitor long-term changes in temperature and light intensity on the coral reefs around Rawa Island. This will be important for determining the resilience that our house reefs have to major coral bleaching events.

temperature light logger

Education and Conservation Activities in September

September is not over yet and we are still planning to do our clean-up dive. It has, however, been a special month. We are in the development stage of a coral rehabilitation programme that we hope to be starting next season. The building of the prototype for our first coral nursery has begun! The plan is to put three prototypes into the water before monsoon season hits this year and we’ll see how they hold up. Wish us luck!

coral nursery prototype for marine conservation

September has also been eventful – we have started a new initiative called Marine Life Talks. The purpose is to generate more marine-related awareness throughout the resort and among our customers. We are currently facing many marine conservation issues that people may not have heard about before. Our hope is to highlight these issues for our customers. The talks are given in a light-hearted, engaging, and fun way.

The first talk we have created highlights the importance of sharks! The venue is the wonderful Rock Bar, where you can enjoy a nice drink and the sunset, while also receiving some valuable marine education.

shark education and conservation marine life talk

marine life conservation and education talk

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