As long as I can remember I have been an active person who cannot stay inside. Being outside and doing sports has always been important to me. Even in my former jobs as project manager I used to run around being busy with ten different things at the same time. It actually gives me more energy to jump around then just sit around! Besides being a sports instructor (bootcamp, HIIT, body shape, steps and body pump), I also teach Power Yoga. You might think Power Yoga is the odd one out but it actually compliments fitness classes in many ways.

What is Power Yoga?

It is in the name – a strong version of yoga which gives you physical and mental benefits. It is challenging and dynamic and originally based on Ashtanga. Power Yoga will improve strength, fitness, suppleness, and at the same time the class gives balance, calmness and energy. It is an excellent way to get a strong and healthy body.

Bryan West founded Power Yoga 30 years ago. His primary objective is to teach a system of exercise that fully integrates the body, mind and spirit. Additionally, he has been turning more and more people to a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle that continually challenges them to grow. That is why I think that any form of sports should implement a bit of yoga. It will definitely give you more results than without!

Why do you teach Fitness and Yoga?

It has always fascinated me how a human body works – how strong it actually is. I always say in my fitness classes that you are capable of more and have more strength in your body than you think. Your head might say you cannot go any further, but your body still can. Sometimes your body and mind just do not communicate that well with each other. That is the link with Power Yoga that I really like – connect your body and mind. For example, did you for know that you can actually lift more weights after you do your yoga practice? No? After your practice you are focused, you feel stronger and you feel less pain. Fascinating right?!


Do you Scuba Dive?

I am also a PADI Dive Master, and soon will become a PADI Scuba instructor. I feel privileged to work as a Dive Master and that I can show guests the unique underwater world on a daily basis. You can find me teaching on Rawa Island Malaysia from September this year. Hope to see you soon!