Sure, many of us love diving, but is your passion on the edge of being an addiction?!

I love diving ... a lot! But I also enjoy city trips, trekking, and reading a book. However, some people like to take their passion to a whole new level.

If you really love diving all the time, then this article is made for you. Check out these few points and see if you are a real diving addict!

The Signs:

1. All your holiday plans revolve around where you can dive.

Diving Holidays in Indonesia

2. Shopping actually means “looking at dive gear”.

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3. Your favourite movies and TV programmes are The Big Blue, The Abyss and Blue Planet, and you can recognise Sir David Attenborough’s voice from just a single word.

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4. You use the “OK” signal for everything.

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5. You have an impressive collection of dive T-shirts.

10-Signs you are a diving addict

6. When you see plastic bags or other plastic items on the beach, or in the ocean, you feel like vomiting!

Together we can turn tides

7. "Fish are friends and not food" (except for these guys maybe … ? ).

Together we can turn tides

8. Your coffee-table books are all about marine critters.

Marine Life in South East Asia

9. Your funniest jokes are all dive related (tanks a lot).

Q: Why do scuba divers fall off the boat backwards?
A: Because if they fell forward they would still be on the boat!
Q: What do you get if you combine a scuba diver with a janitor?
A: Jaques Coustodian

Marine Life in South East Asia

10. You secretly dream about quitting your job to become a professional diver.

Marine Life in South East Asia

If five or more of these apply to you, then please contact us at [email protected] and we may have a job/therapy for you!

Article by Orca Scuba Instructor Fanny Rotsaert.