Everybody who has ever gone scuba diving can attest to how incredible it feels to be floating in an almost alien-world surrounded by creatures familiar and somehow foreign.

Diving is an exciting adventure to do while on holiday, but there’s trouble in Paradise!

Coral Reefs and other important marine habitats are facing more dire threats than at any point since the last ice age. For the sake of every coastal communities who rely on the reefs for their livelihoods; for the plants and animals that call the reef their home; and for every person whom may find inspiration and peace in the reef, something must be done!

What does the dive community do for the coral reefs?

Dive centres around the world are attempting to do their part in preserving the ecosystem upon which they rely. From holding underwater cleanups, to ensuring their customers not damage the corals, dive centres and the dive community can be great assets in the move towards greater sustainability. Orca Scuba is on it’s way to something much bigger.

The mission

Orca Scuba is on a mission to provide every student in the region with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at one of our locations in South East Asia. Students are given a well-rounded education with practical knowledge and field experience in the realm of marine science and conservation. The list of activities includes:

  • conducting fish surveys,
  • monitoring the presence of coral bleaching and other diseases,
  • identifying corals by their features,
  • measuring the quantities of microplastics in the sand and sea,
  • measuring the diversity and abundance of seagrass,
  • and much more….

The catalogue of programmes and modules continues to grow. Thus far, most of the students come to Orca Scuba locations in groups through school programmes but the long-term goal is for marine education to be an integrated part of every school curriculum for the next generation.

the long-term goal is for marine education to be an integrated part of every school curriculum for the next generation.


Every student who has experienced the Orca programmes so far has changed in some way. Some have gained a new-found perspective or a shift in values, while others have found inspiration to make big changes in their lives or communities. One student decided that after graduating she would come back to Orca to do her Divemaster course. Another was so touched by the module on shark finning that she requested help in setting up an awareness campaign in her school. The next Sylvia Earle, Jacques Cousteau or Rob Stewart is out there right now. Perhaps all they need to discover their path is an opportunity to see and do something remarkable.

If you enjoyed reading this article, Stephen Lee, and some of our Lead Orca’s, are going to be speaking at our Orca Lifestyle Events in South East Asia. Contact us to find out more about our Orca Lifestyle Events and how you can be part of the action!