What if each of us could do a little bit more to change the health of our planet and what if the changes we made didn’t just impact our environment, what if they transformed the way we treat the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves?

OrcaNation is a company dedicated to providing expert dive services, coupled with the mission to educate over 4 billion children and young adults on the importance of caring for the Ocean, Planet and Ourselves. While ocean conservation is not a new concept for many scuba diving providers, OrcaNation is notably different.

Recently the company rebranded from Orca Scuba to OrcaNation in order to fulfil their bigger purpose – to repair our world through a global network of individuals and businesses working together on conservation, environmental, education and humanitarian projects.

At the helm, founder and OrcaNation CEO, Jeroen van de Waal is making waves as a leading spokesperson for ocean conservation within South East Asia and author of “Together We Can Turn Tides: A Manifesto to Save the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves”. Having spent the last decade as CEO of two multi-million-dollar international businesses, there is no better person to understand the need for global change and drive this from a place of authenticity.

“Education and partnerships aligned with OrcaNation’s mission and values are our biggest asset,” explains Jeroen van de Waal, “which is why OrcaNation is bringing together a network of people ready to create a global impact.”

OrcaNation’s handpicked partnerships range from schools, technology companies, fast-food suppliers and luxury resorts including Rawa Island Resort in Malaysia to conscious companies such as Plastic Bank, and local heroes who build communities around doing good.

Most recently, OrcaNation partnered with the prestigious Bawah Reserve. Labelled one of Asia’s top five tropical island paradises, the Anambas archipelago is a true utopia for dive lovers and the exceptional setting for this private island resort. As one of Indonesia’s first marine conservation areas, it’s no surprise the Reserve is surrounded by jaw-dropping underwater scenery and gaining a reputation as ‘the’ sought after vacation spot.

With Bawah Reserves pledge to providing an eco-friendly offshore environment, they make a huggable partner for OrcaNation. Taking sustainability seriously, Bawah Reserve recycles all their waste, they only use eco-friendly laundry detergent, food waste is composted and guests are given a stunning copper reusable water bottle and ocean-friendly sun-cream on arrival. The Resort is also part of the Bawah Anambas Foundation, created to channel funds back into the land, the sea and the local community.

As Bawah Reserve’s exclusive dive partner, OrcaNation invites guests to get to know our ocean better through dive courses and programmes designed for all levels. Each dive experience is led by an OrcaNation Dive Professional trained to the highest standard and laced with educational insights about how to contribute to a better world – And, if scientists have predicted the end of marine life by 2050, there is no better time to take notice and make positive footprints for the survival of our ocean ecosystem.

To find out more about OrcaNation, including their dive centre locations, partnerships, and events, please contact Chief Marketing Officer, Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh at [email protected]