Combining high-level tourism and sustainability is an ambitious task. Guests expect excellent service and a wide selection of offers, meal options and adventures at any point of their vacation. Often, this leads to wasteful resource management on the resort's side. Our partner, the Bawah Reserve, is set to break the status quo. This resort was built from the ground up with natural resources and in conjunction with the local community.

A few years after the opening of the Bawah Reserve, this is being recognized. Guests, partners and environmental organisations alike appreciate the sustainable approach. Recently, the resort was accepted into the WWF Signing Blue program - a great honour for the whole team.

“At Bawah, we are aware that tourism can boost economic growth, but if not managed carefully, it could adversely impact the environment,” explained Paul Robinson, Bawah Reserve COO.

We are incredibly proud of our partner, Bawah Reserve and congratulate them on this achievement! But do you know what this certification really means to businesses who have earned it?

WWF Signing Blue - OrcaNation

What is the WWF Signing Blue program?

As an initiative by WWF Indonesia, Signing Blue was founded in 2015 to promote sustainable marine tourism. While tourist traffic keeps rising, many local companies struggle to develop eco-friendly practices. This programme rewards businesses that act in a sustainable way, and encourages the ones that don't. It's vital for the whole tourism industry in Indonesia to care about marine life. However, not all businesses involved seem to have realized this to date.

Signing Blue also makes it easier for travellers to select reputable operators. The label creates transparency and promotes companies that act as role models. As time passes, competitors will follow and establish sustainable practices too. Indonesia is part of the "coral triangle" which houses the most diverse marine life worldwide. It needs to be preserved, and Signing Blue is a great step to achieve this ambitious goal.

How can businesses get accepted into the Signing Blue program?

Tourism businesses, like the Bawah Reserve, go through an extensive accreditation process. Independent auditors visit the company on-site and check marine conservation projects, sustainability practices and community welfare. Getting certified isn't easy. The bar is set high and only select companies make it into the program. Their mission has to be aligned with environmental goals, and following a sustainable mission is key.
The Bawah Reserve is at the forefront of sustainable development and operations. We're not surprised to see them become a WWF Signing Blue member, which doesn't stop us from congratulating them on this amazing success. You'll notice the resort's eco-friendly attitude the moment you step off the seaplane. From design to construction and operations, the whole resort is aligned to be a sustainable option for travellers.
WWF Signing Blue - OrcaNation

Experience sustainable vacationing at the Bawah Reserve

Located in a fragile ecosystem, the islands of Bawah are full of wildlife - including rare species. Not only on land, but underwater as well: the lagoons surrounding the islands boast world-class marine life and corals. We're glad to know that with the Bawah Reserve, we have a partner that cares about marine life as much as we do.
Have you ever experienced a vacation with the goal of leaving the smallest footprint possible? At Bawah Reserve, this is possible without having to sacrifice on luxury. Enjoy a few days of relaxation at this tropical paradise, educate yourself about environmental and social issues - and learn how Bawah tackles them.

WWF Signing Blue - OrcaNation

Add spectacular diving to your holidays

As the Bawah Reserve offers underwater worlds that are just as impressive as the resort itself, don't miss out diving. OrcaNation is carrying on the eco-friendly approach to scuba diving. From pristine coral reefs to an abundance of fish, every dive in Bawah is spectacular. Would you like to dive these untouched waters? Enquire now.

If you'd like to find out more about the Signing Blue Certification or more information about our partners, please contact our customer experience team.