Bawah Anambas Foundation (BAF) is an Indonesian Foundation that aims to improve the overall ecosystem in the Anambas, which consists of more than 250 islands across 7 sub-districts with around 45,000 people where 75-80% of the community rely their livelihood heavily on the ocean. We are focusing our efforts on Forest Conservation, Marine Conservation, and Community Development.


Trashpackers is a global movement of travellers who are cleaning up and minimizing their single-use plastic. Trashpacking is so much more than simply cleaning up, it is reducing our environmental footprint, spreading consciousness and inspiring other people by showing that we can make a difference as individuals. It's promoting intercultural exchange and a non-judging mindset. Our year challenge in 2019 is to collect 100,000 bin bags, attract 10,000 Trashpackers and educate over 15,000 kids!

Rawa Island Resort, an idyllic Malaysia tropical island resort, is hugely popular with families looking to unwind from the stress and strain of modern life. The dive centre on Rawa Island has been established in collaboration with OrcaNation. The resort invests in conservation research and strives to provide a more eco-friendly dive and stay experience.

Enveloped by lush tropical greenery and azure blue ocean, Bawah Reserve rests in sheltered carefree seclusion 160 nautical miles (300km) northeast of Singapore in Indonesia’s remote Anambas Archipelago. An intimate, luxuriously-sustainable retreat of 6 islands, 3 lagoons, 13 beaches and 35 standalone suites, Bawah offers the true meaning of all-inclusive luxury.

InSitu is a developer and operator in groundbreaking hospitality concepts. They challenge the status quo and approach projects creatively by turning traditional hotel development processes upside down. Our partnership with Origin Seminyak and their 2m deep pools allows OrcaNation to teach the PADI Bubblemaker from the privacy and convenience of your private Bali Villa in the heart of Seminyak. is Asia-Pacific’s leading luxury villa and hotel booking portal. Their mission is to not only provide affordable luxury accommodation in selected destinations including Thailand and Bali but to encourage a more sustainable travel experience.

A young inspiring company based in Bali, The Palms Agency literally provides 'life-changing content'. Through video, photography, animation and content production, The Palms Agency provide visually stimulating content that injects colour and extracts powerful messages from real-life stories. While the agency produces work throughout Asia, they focus their 'doing good initiatives' in Bali, which includes providing school backpacks and shoes to some of the poorest schools on the island.

Merazonia is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and monitoring centre within 250 acres of rainforest where the Andean mountains meet the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador. Merazonia rescues animals who have been victim of the illegal pet trade and deforestation.

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