HSEQ - health, safety, environment, quality

OrcaNation prides itself for respecting and maintaining the highest possible Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality standards. We are a PADI accredited organisation, which we carry and promote with great pride. Many of our instructors are PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers or above. We also work directly with PADI Course Director, Holly MacLeod. Most have at least 1,000 dives below their belts, plus in excess of 100 student certifications. As part of our core HR and compliance policies, OrcaNation and our Instructors are fully insured under PADI's medical insurance and liability policies, according to the required rules and regulations.


At OrcaNation we promote a healthy lifestyle. Our team works at all times in the safest ways and spends a great deal of time and energy on the wellbeing of our customers, students and divers. The use of tobacco and alcoholic items is forbidden at any time during working hour. We take all precautions necessary to ensure the highest standard of health and safety of our customers before, during and after scuba activities.


As experts, and as parents and peers, we treat the safety of every student and individual with the utmost priority.

  • Our robust safety measures include extensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for each ocean and land-based activity, without compromise.
  • We have Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for each activity site. All important EAP's will be provided prior to the commencement of any activity.
  • All OrcaNation team members have been trained as EFR (Emergency First Responders) and our Master Scuba Diving Trainers (MSDT’s) are EFR trainers.
  • We have developed background checks in line with standards proposed by Tim Gerrish of International Child Protection Advisors, registered in the UK and advisors to many International schools globally. Our Safeguarding Leads have completed NSPCC training and our Child Safeguarding Officer is required to attend courses to remain current annually.
  • All our team go through Child Safeguarding Training annually and our Safeguarding Policy was developed in partnership with International Child Protection Advisors and a selection of our school partners
  • We follow a strict HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) standards.
  • All our equipment is less than three years old, serviced in line with manufacturers' guidelines and checked (and replaced if needed) on a regular basis for wear and tear.
  • Extensive planning goes into each school trip to ensure it’s not only well-planned but well supported.

If you have any specific concerns regarding safety, we would be more than happy to answer these in detail.


At OrcaNation, we work towards a climate of total environmental friendliness, sustainability and avoidance of the use of goods and materials that are having a negative impact on the environment. We want to create positive footprints by doing good and spending a significant amount of time on education and promoting the wellbeing of the environment and ecosystems.


Above all, quality is at the core of all our activities. This expresses itself in:

  • The staff we carefully select and hire. We search for professional instructors with a strong passion for diving, nature and the environment, and with a customer-focused mindset.
  • The time we reserve and take to teach the various courses.
  • Reduced student/instructor ratios for all dive activities.
  • The quality, range and condition of our dive gear offered to students, including general technical equipment such as compressors and scuba tanks.
  • The facilities we use for classroom and dive training
  • We strive for the best possible customer experience by delivering a top quality service creating positive footprints.


If you require further information about our healthy and safety policies, please contact our team.