Diving in Bali

Due to strong currents and deep dive sites, to truly enjoy scuba diving in Bali, we recommended you are an experienced PADI certified scuba diver. If you are a guest at Origin Seminyak, our OrcaNation Dive Professionals can take you on guided tours of Bali’s best dive spots where you can drift among beautiful coral gardens, visit the famous Liberty dive wreck in Tulamben and encounter Bali's tropical marine life.

Accommodation in Bali

A visit to Bali wouldn’t be complete without a stay at Origin Seminyak. The luxurious family-friendly villas, set in heart of Seminyak, are crafted with 2m deep pools, making them ideal for PADI’s Bubblemaker programme. Guests staying at Origin Seminyak can also book a guided dive excursions to famous tropical landmarks including the USAT Liberty dive wreck.

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