Diving in Malaysia

OrcaNation, Asia’s leading 5-star Instructor Development Centre, provides PADI certified dive courses and fun diving options on Pulau Rawa. The island is situated with the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park, which is one reason why the marine life here is abundant and diverse. Rawa Island is also home to one of the best colonies of anemonefish. Expect to scuba dive alongside coral catsharks and turtles as well as octopi, cuttlefish, and an amazing variety of sea urchins. The versatility of ocean currents makes Rawa Island the ideal location for children's and beginner dive courses as well as certified and speciality dive courses and night diving.

Liveaboard Trips to Tioman Island

Explore the beautiful waters around Tioman Island on board our Orca Explorer and enjoy the luxuries of overnight sailing to your favourite dive destinations.


OrcaNation Rawa Island
Rawa Island Resort
Pulau Rawa
86800 Mersing,
Johor, Malaysia

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The Worlds First IC-Anemone Conservation Trail

Flinders University, Australia has been working with OrcaNation and Rawa Island Resort to create the world's first IC-ANEMONE dive and snorkel trail. Since the film ‘Finding Nemo’ came onto the big screen in 2003, anemone fish have been drastically overharvested with 90% of aquarium trade coming from the wild. Now this colourful species is in great danger of becoming extinct in selected areas.
To help preserve our colourful friends, OrcaNation has created a new Conservation Dive and Snorkel Trail that gives guests the opportunity to swim with these wonderful creatures while helping research scientists collect important data. SG $10.00 from every dive and snorkel will also go towards building a permanent breeding station at Rawa Island.

Accommodation in Malaysia

If a laid-back island retreat featuring adrenaline-rush dive action is on your bucket list, you’ll love the private-island vibes of Rawa Island Resort. Rawa Island is beautifully rustic, just-remote-enough, and a number one location for scuba diving. There are no roads, cars, or motorbikes yet the island is bountiful with wildlife and brilliant vistas. The resort is perfect for individual scuba divers, couples, groups and families.

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