Anambas Islands

Because of its remote location, the Anambas Islands host some of the most breathtaking diving experiences in South East Asia where you can experience the true beauty of the underwater world and dive undisturbed by any other divers.


OrcaNation Dive Professionals can take you on guided tours of Bali’s best dive sites where you can drift along some of the world's most beautiful corals. You can also visit famous dive sites such as the Liberty wreck in Tulamben and Manta Point in Nusa Penida.


As well as being able to visit the iconic Komodo National Park, with OrcaNation we can show you the best diving Komodo has to offer. Encounter some of the larger creatures that live in our oceans, Manta Rays. Komodo has much more to offer between the vibrant tropical fish and colourful corals, every dive is a new adventure.


Abundant coral reefs, turtles, barracudas, eels and blacktip reef sharks are just a sample of what Malaysian waters can provide. Our team on Rawa Island are ready to take you on your next adventure to explore the magical wonders of the underwater world.


You can start your diving adventure from the comfort of your home or stay in Singapore. Embark on a life changing adventure and visit some of the best dive sites near Singapore with OrcaNation.

To find out more about Dive & Stay Escapes in South East Asia, please feel free to contact our dive experience team who are happy to arrange the best holiday for you and your family.