Conserving The World's Oceans

Driving our business is the desire to protect the world’s marine habitats. The oceans are key to our children’s future on the planet: they produce 70% of our oxygen, provide us with crucial food and resources, store potentially harmful carbon, and regulate our climate. And yet…

5.25 trillion plastic particles, weighing a total of 268,940 tons, are now afloat in the oceans.

More than 35% of the world’s mangroves are already gone.

We have already lost 27% of the planet’s coral reefs.

At the current rate of destruction, a further 60% of reefs will die over the next 30 years.

Roughly 29% of all historic seagrass meadows have been destroyed and, every year, at least 1.5 percent more are lost.

Protecting Endangered Marine Species

As marine environments are destroyed, so are the many species that inhabit them:

Over just 40 years there has been a 39% recorded decrease in marine species.

South East Asia’s coral reefs - 34% of the world's total - are home to over 600 of the 800 reef-building coral species in the world, and yet in Indonesia and the Philippines alone, you will find 80% of the world’s endangered reefs.

The hawksbill, loggerhead, Kemp’s ridley and green sea turtle are now all classified as either endangered or critically endangered species.

From the steller’s sea cow, which was literally eaten to extinction 27 years after Europeans discovered it, to the soon-to-become extinct ‘vaquita’, the world’s smallest cetacean, mankind continues to exceed the oceans’ ability to self-replenish.

Our Commitment

What sets OrcaNation apart from any other dive operator, even in the eyes of PADI, is our unique approach to ecology. Everything we do is about making a truly positive impact on the planet. We have aligned our vision with Goal 14 of the United Nations Sustainable Development campaign.

Modules & Events

OrcaNation works with Professors, Researchers, Marine Biologists and Scientists to develop educational modules that expand the knowledge of anyone interested in contributing to the protection of our planet. Topics focus on a range of important ocean and environmental issues, from ocean plastics and microplastics to overfishing and coral rehabilitation. Educational modules are not only taught in schools and universities but to employees and businesses eager to motivate internal teams and develop sustainable CSR programmes. Contact us to find out more about Orca Awareness Modules.

Find Out More About Conservation Dives

While each scuba diving course is laced with important environmental messages, we can arrange bespoke conservation dives for groups diving in Asia. OrcaNation has also joined with Bawah Anambas Foundation and Bawah Island Reserve to provide Reef Health Check dives and Coral Restoration dives that give 50% of proceeds directly to the Foundation. Contact us to find out more about our Conservation Dive in Asia.