Rawa Island

Surrounded by calm waters and stunning coral reefs, Rawa is the ideal destination for beginners and Open Water divers to hone their skills. The pristine house reef is naturally shallow and easily accessible for new divers to explore.

OrcaNation, in partnership with Flinders University Australia, have created the world's first IC-ANEMONE dive and snorkel trail. The project aims to research anemone fish behavior and to preserve their unique habitat. Students can collect valuable data as part of an ongoing citizen science project, helping researchers to further understand these iconic fish.

Orcanation works closely with Green Fins, a UN initiative to promote coral reef conservation through sustainable diving practices. Our committed dive professionals follow strict guidelines to minimise damage to the fragile reef ecosystem. Our passion for conservation is woven into our programmes, teaching your students to become ocean ambassadors. All of our hard work has paid off, with Green Fins awarding our Rawa Dive Centre as the eighth most environmentally responsible operator out of 600 surveyed world wide.

The exclusive Rawa Island Resort features comfortable sea view chalets and a restaurant offering a varied and delicious menu. What’s more, Rawa is the most convenient diving destination for Singapore and KL schools . It’s only four hours travel time before you’re jumping in the ocean!


Bali is a diving destination like no other, with vibrant reefs, dramatic landscapes and a captivating culture.

For students starting their dive journey with us, The Coral Triangle Centre in Sanur is the perfect place to learn. The deep pool is ideal for underwater skills training, whilst the ocean discovery centre provides all the inspiration you need to explore the local reefs.

The tranquil North coast of Bali offers more experienced divers a chance to drift over coral gardens encountering sharks, rays, and a diversity of reef fish. Our base in Amed is conveniently located near to the best dive sites in the area.


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