This invitation only gathering at AXA Tower, Singapore, was attended by over 130 local and global business owners, expatriates, families, students and teachers, including visitors from the UK, Holland, Malaysia, Bali and beyond. In addition to presenting guests with a warm welcome, drinks and canapés, the evening presented the perfect opportunity for OrcaNation friends to come together to discuss important ocean awareness topics.

Visiting from Australia, the first speaker of the evening was Professor Karen Burke da Silva whose thought-provoking talk dived into the impact of the famous Disney Film ‘Finding Nemo’ and on the threat posed to Anemone fish in certain parts of the world as a result. Professor Karen also highlighted the launch of the world’s first IC-Anemone dive & snorkel trails at Rawa Island Resort, Malaysia. This new marine citizen science programme invites guests to swim alongside colorful clownfish whilst collecting important research. SG $10.00 from every Saving Nemo dive and snorkel with OrcaNation will go towards building a permanent breeding station on the island.

Matt Allen from Subcon - Blue Solutions also left guests with new hope by demonstrating the benefits of engineered reefs. These specially designed industrial reefs could radically change our ecosystems by speeding up the growth of coral, which absorb CO2 and create new habitats for a vast array of species. OrcaNation and Subcon - Blue Solutions are partnering on projects to bring these reef systems to South East Asia.

Above all, the evening offered the opportunity to say a very special ‘thank you’ from OrcaNation to their loyal customers and friends who have shown unwavering support for the family-orientated scuba diving business that began in 2015. Today, OrcaNation has grown to become a significant outdoor adventure, scuba diving and education specialist that partners with some of Asia’s most respected resorts including AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach, Komodo, Indonesia; Bawah Reserve, Anambas Islands, Indonesia; and Rawa Island Resort, Pulau Rawa, Malaysia.

OrcaNation is also working with schools across South East Asia. To spread the importance of ocean conservation and repair, OrcaNation has developed a series of ocean and environmental awareness modules designed for the classroom, plus outdoor adventure camps suitable for children of all ages. OrcaNation Founder, Jeroen van de Waal also visits schools to talk to children and teachers about how we can better protect our Oceans, Planet and Ourselves.

With environmental issues on the forefront of people’s minds, there was no better time to host this uplifting purpose-driven event.

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