Ocean Conservation

Ocean conservation is the beating heart of our business. OrcaNation works alongside Professors, Marine Biologists, Researchers, and Scientists to improve our knowledge and understanding of our oceans and everything in it! Our modules and conservation dive experiences are designed to educate children and adults about our underwater world and how we can better protect this unique ecosystem.

Jeroen van de Waal

Jeroen van de Waal is a multilingual, Dutch entrepreneur and conservationist. Through his company, OrcaNation, he teaches children and young adults to scuba dive, introducing them to the beauty and wonder of the underwater world. Jeroen is on a mission to foster a generation of ‘ocean ambassadors’, who have the passion, drive, and determination to reverse humankind’s destruction of the sea.


Although the same could be said of any business, in a dive company like OrcaNation, our team really is our greatest asset. OrcaNation’s people are more than just members of staff; they are our very own OrcaPod. They are the ambassadors and protectors of the ocean, our brand, our customers, and each other.

Orca Spotlight

At OrcaNation, we believe in connecting people and businesses across the globe. We're shining the spotlight on those who we collaborate with, those who share our vision of doing good and who actively contribute towards leaving positive footprints in our world. After all, it is The Orca Way!

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