Coral Triangle Centre in Bali is a locally-based non-profit organization with a regional outreach and global impact. CTC is dedicated to protecting marine and coastal ecosystems for future generations. Based in Sanur, Bali, CTC provides education and training to ensure that marine protected areas within the world's epicentre of marine biodiversity are managed effectively. In addition to their conservation programmes, CTC uses fun and interactive ways to teach children and adults about best practices when it comes to caring for our oceans. Through our strategic partnership, we will be developing exciting new conservation programmes (including for school camps) and continuing to introduce children and adults to the world of scuba diving.

Since the film ‘Finding Nemo’ came onto the screens in 2003, anemone fish have been drastically overharvested. To help preserve our colourful friends, OrcaNation has partnered with Flinders University and Saving Nemo to create the world's first IC-Anemone Dive & Snorkel Trails at Rawa Island Resort, Malaysia. Guests can swim with Nemo while collecting important scientific data. SG $10.00 from every Nemo Trail goes directly towards building a permanent breeding station at Rawa Island.

As part of our partnership with the Institute for the Economy and the Environment, University of St Gallen, we are currently working with Prof. Dr. Judith L. Walls (the University’s Chair for Sustainability Management) and the students on her Masters in Business Management Course.   The students are currently engaged in a critical evaluation of five “real life” OrcaNation business opportunities, including from a sustainability perspective. In April 2020, OrcaNation will host Prof. Dr. Walls and members of her Asia Compact course on Sustainability at Rawa Island where Jeroen will give a key-note presentation.

Trashpackers is a global movement of travellers who are cleaning up and minimizing their single-use plastic. Trashpacking is so much more than simply cleaning up, it is reducing our environmental footprint, spreading consciousness and inspiring other people by showing that we can make a difference as individuals. It's promoting intercultural exchange and a non-judging mindset. Our year challenge in 2019 is to collect 100,000 bin bags, attract 10,000 Trashpackers and educate over 15,000 kids!

InSitu is a developer and operator in groundbreaking hospitality concepts. They challenge the status quo and approach projects creatively by turning traditional hotel development processes upside down. Our partnership with Origin Seminyak and their 2m deep pools allows OrcaNation to teach the PADI Bubblemaker from the privacy and convenience of your private Bali Villa in the heart of Seminyak. is Asia-Pacific’s leading luxury villa and hotel booking portal. Their mission is to not only provide affordable luxury accommodation in selected destinations including Thailand and Bali but to encourage a more sustainable travel experience.

A young inspiring company based in Bali, The Palms Agency literally provides 'life-changing content'. Through video, photography, animation and content production, The Palms Agency provide visually stimulating content that injects colour and extracts powerful messages from real-life stories. While the agency produces work throughout Asia, they focus their 'doing good initiatives' in Bali, which includes providing school backpacks and shoes to some of the poorest schools on the island.

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Our network of influencers stretches from large multi-national corporations to foundations who simply 'do good'. If your business is doing something incredible for the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves and you'd like to connect with us, please email [email protected]. Tell us about your company and the way you create positive footprints in our world!