Dive Locations for Schools

Our dive locations offer students unforgettable underwater adventures, whatever their level of experience.


This is a land of fishermen where water sports are popular for the local community. Scuba diving isn’t different and so we give you the chance to dive with us along Cascais coastline and explore unique places like Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth) and contribute to ocean conservation through participation in clean-ups. If you don't feel comfortable and would like to practice a bit more, there is always the chance to practice at Oeiras Oceanic Pool or in one of the engineering reefs, built for training and conservation purposes.


If you want to have your first diving experience this is the right place. The waters are clear and calm and because Sesimbra is located next to Sado’s Estuary and protected by Arrábida mountains there is a great chance to watch dolphins and explore the rich ecosystem of this area.


Explore the ocean life of Madeira islands. Here where waters are clear and with excellent visibility there is a great variety of marine species that you can observe. Along the coast you’ll find the most interesting places to dive, among them are marine reserves, caves and wrecked boats.