OrcaNation Europe

We pride ourselves on strong partnerships with resorts that offer outstanding options for our camps:

-  All of the resorts and pousadas provide comfortable and safe accommodation for both students and teachers and are located in privilege sights.

-  All of the resorts and pousadas are easily accessible - just a few hours’ drive or boat ride from the sights where programmed activities will take place.

-  Once you are there, almost all of our activities take place around the resort, minimizing costs and maximizing time for fun.

North Region

The Mountain Side

The Mountain Side is the region where Portugal was born as a Nation. The north is full of mountains and natural parks, and is known for its historical heritage such as castles, shrines, churches, rural villages and chapels. 

The characteristics of this region allow us to offer a set of activities focused  on culture and nature.

Flying above a valley while enjoying a stunning view, jumping from canyon to canyon, walking through the forest; going down a roller coaster or taking a hike through the Natural Parks of the north is what you can expect from this adrenaline-pumping experience.

Students will have the opportunity to visit places such as  Viana do Castelo, Natural Park of Peneda-Gerês, Ribeira de Pena, Aveiro and Porto. The journey to the different locations where the activities will take place lasts  approximately 1 to 2 hours by bus, from Porto.

The Center

Villages & Castles

Coming to the centre of Portugal you will be presented with a region full of history where a few of the places were considered world heritage by UNESCO.

At Berlengas students will be able to go on a camping expedition and learn camping skills, visit the caves while doing Stand-up Paddle (SUP),  while learning and contributing  to the wealth of this unique ecosystem In Campo Aventura Júnior Park there is no room for annoyance. Guided by professional monitors, students will get the chance to engage with activities such as surfing, karts, laser tag, paintball, orienteering; among other activities, while  building strong relationships and team spirit.

In addition, they will be able to travel back in time and visit historical towns  and castles like Óbidos - which  once defended the Portuguese nation – and stay at Óbidos Walls Pousada, located far  from the city centres, which offers amazing conditions to receive youth groups.


The Capital City

The capital, Lisbon, is surrounded by amazing and distinct places. The center of Lisbon is full of artists who perform in the streets; to the west is Cascais, characterized by its palaces, small towns, beaches and mountains; to the northwest is Sintra, with beautiful and romantic views; and to the south is Setúbal, an ideal place to spot dolphins.

The programme combines plenty of activities from outdoor and adventure sports, to cultural tours, environmental workshops, and volunteering projects; that allow schools to choose different options among type of activity and location. By participating in these activities, students develop new skills and commit to the environment.


The Nautical Destination

Located in the very south of Portugal, it is mainly surrounded by beautiful beaches, framed by golden cliffs, stunning landscapes, and provides  a great variety of accommodation and entertainment. 

Artur Watersports Academy challenges you to try different water sports like sailing, windsurf, kayaking, wakeboard, stand up paddle, water sky, and ecological tours guided by professional biologists who  will teach you about the importance of the Ria Formosa Natural Park and about the local biodiversity.

If you are looking for something more land based there is also the opportunity to hike or bike through the different routes of Vicentine Coast where the wild and natural beaches, the dunes and cliffs are the main attraction.