Rawa Island Resort is located on a coral island off the east coast of Johor, Malaysia. The resort is easily accessible from Singapore or Malaysia. From Singapore, you can travel by car, taxi or bus to Mersing Port where you will travel by ferry for approx 20-minutes to the secluded sands of Rawa Island. Rawa Island is the ideal place to scuba dive in Malaysia with OrcaNation.


Those who enjoy the great outdoors will find plenty to do at Rawa Island Resort. Jungle walks, tennis, kayaking, snorkelling and diving with OrcaNation Dive Centre are just a few of the resort's highlights. There is an impressive waterslide for children (or children's scuba diving activities) and a luxurious spa centre for mums and dads. The main restaurant serves a choice of buffet-style meals three times per day.

Why We Love Rawa Island Resort

Quite honestly, what's not to love! Rawa Island Resort, Malaysia is truly a dive lovers paradise. The resort is ideal for families, with spectacular beaches, kid-friendly features, waterslide, trampoline and relaxed island vibe. What we love most is the resort's commitment to sustainability. Not only does Rawa Island Resort work with schools and universities offering marine research support, but they make every effort to ensure the island is managed and developed responsibly. All laundry is washed on the mainland, which minimises the use of detergent on the island, and they operate a strict waste collection and recycling policy. Plus OrcaNation Dive Centre offers conservation dives for children and adults.

Benefits of Booking with OrcaNation

  • Competitive rates including special return customer offers for those who love to scuba dive in Malaysia
  • We can pre-book all your scuba diving activities to suit check-in and check-out times, ensuring you don't miss the chance to dive Malaysia
  • You can complete your medical forms in advance to confirm you are 'fit to dive'
  • Unlike direct hotel bookers, OrcaNation guests have the exclusive option of a one-night stay (although we promise you'll want to stay for longer!)

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